måndag 9 juli 2012

Soon I will stop nagging...

About Prag... But not yet! :)
I have one more day left here so I will continue to write with my bad English until Wednesday... After that everything will be back to normal, because then I'm going to STOCKHOLM! Wiiiii! Looking forward to hang with my friends and family! :)

Anyhow! Today we went up to the castle! A lot of stairs so we had to entertain our self on the way up there (I know, I don't need that much to be entertained, I'm blond ;)

Some kind of högvakt...

Prague castle!

We tried to take a picture of us with the view... Didn't work so well, so we asked a girl that passed by... Entertainment of the day! She handle my phone like a professional photograph... At some point she was sitting down, next second standing up and suddenly she had the phone up side down.... Haha funny moment but at least now me and fabbe have one picture of both of us.... AND with a nice view! ;)

Lazy m*f...

After the castle area we went to Petrin Park... It wasn't so special.. But we were chilling in the sun for a wile... Looking at people so it was nice! (trying to keep my tan from Krete ;)

(no It's not My leg in the picture!)


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