tisdag 10 juli 2012

Chilling in the sun...

Himlen är ooooskyldigt blåååå!
Lovely sunny day!

Laying in the park, stil trying to work on my tan! ;)

Before we stopped to lay down we took the tram(or what ever it's called) up to the top of the park.

Then we went to Paris... Or at least some similar tower.., ( I'm such a bad tourist ;)

We walked down trough the rose garden and as always we could really enjoy the view over the town!

Labyrinth :) (of course we had to try it.,, together with the other children...)

So the last day... We are just chilling and tonight we are going to a Mexican restaurant, Cantina (it was full yesterday so we had to make a reservation for today. The food looked really good so I think that it will be a perfect end of the vacation!

And maybe we will have some drinks to! ;)


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